Register an alias

This page allows you to register an alias. Each onion website is limited to one alias at most. Make sure you can create files on the server as this is needed for verification.
Aliases only work on * and are not a feature of Tor itself.

Enter your onion domain without .onion and without http:
At this point it should be exactly 56 characters long.
Enter the alias without the .onion part. Note that aliases that resemble real onion domains are not permitted. The alias must be between 3 and 30 characters inclusive and must be a valid domain label. A few terms are reserved and cannot be used. As of now, the list consists of a few technical terms as well as the alexa top 50 sites. If you have a legitimate reason to register one of these aliases, please contact us.
Rewrite: The user will see the alias in the address bar. You do not need to configure anything for your service for this to work. We still perform requests to your service using the full onion domain.
Redirect: We redirect the web browser to the full onion, meaning that if a visitor uses the alias, he or she will see the full onion domain in the address bar.